Saturday, January 8, 2011

Enough Mrs. Nice Sick Girl.

I’m sick of getting sick. I’m sick of not knowing why I get sick so often, what I’m sick of, and I’m sick of not understanding what drugs the doctors are giving me, and what they are doing to me really.

With Gary’s ( patience and generosity to education and help heal me over the past few years, discussions with friends, and spending more time with Goggle than I care to admit, I have gained just enough knowledge to be dangerous. And seriously pissed off. I have questions.

Is there a conspiracy penetrating deep into the medical profession at large? Do companies, and ultimately people, who are in the business of pushing drugs, control the medical profession? Are they trying to find the best ways to improve our health? Or are they only interested in the best ways that make money? One thing for sure is that being sick is a moneymaker. And chronic illness is the jackpot of sickness. Repeat customers.

The idea that money controls the schools, the research, the clinics, the hospitals and in turn our health, gives me a shiver down my spine. We are forced to trust these institutions. We don’t have a choice. I suppose you can spend 7 years in med school and then 7 more becoming a nutritionist, and perhaps even a few more learning physio therapy, and perhaps some more as a chiropractor or an osteopath, or a naturopath. And don’t forget acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and then there’s energy healing and cranial massage and chakra cleansing. Just to name a few. And then you wouldn’t have to depend on anyone to keep you well. Right. So we pick a path and believe what they tell us, because the alternative is just too impractical.

But maybe if you did all that learning, or even a fraction of that, then you’d feel more confident telling your doctor “Actually I don’t think I have Lupus, and I’m not going to take those steroids you’re pushing on me thanks. I’m going to give these anti inflammatories a go, and perhaps I’ll cut down on some of the flammitory foods like red meat and sugar, eat more berries, and I’ll also take a few supplements that will help with my adrenal fatigue and I’ll get some more rest. When I’m up to it, I’m going to give some nanoparticle colloidal silver a try to see if I can’t get rid of the glandular fever virus I got as a kid that I think I’ve been fighting again. Of course, a good massage to get rid of some toxins is in order. And lots of black tea. I’ll let you know how I get on.”

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that love and caring for our fellow man rules the world. I know business is about profit. I just don’t think that profit should take precedence over our health. Call me a hippie. There are enough questionable practices and impersonal guesswork that result in a prescription than there are flies around fresh dog poo. I know this from personal experience. Last year I got so many prescriptions for various drugs, if I’d stock piled all the pills; I bet they would have filled a triple D bra. Both sides.

More questions. Why is there not more research being done on the free stuff (Vitamin D from the sun for example)? Or on supplements (Vitamin C for example)? Why do doctors stick their noses in the air about using these as potential remedies rather than drugs? Why is it that most of the research goes to finding a drug that can be patented, even if there are other solutions which are better? How much of the medical research being done is funded by the drug companies? Why doesn’t the government fund more research that’s in the best interests of our health, and perhaps (gasp!) non profitable? Why do supplements get such an eye roll from doctors and most people? Who would benefit the most if people thought that supplements and alternate (other than drugs) medicine was a bunch of mumbo jumbo and drugs were the way to go?

When was the last time your doctor said, “You might be Vitamin D deficient. Let’s do a blood test for that before I put you on these anti depressants. In the mean time, take in some sun. If there isn’t any, go to a sun bed for 5 minutes.” Right. Where’s the profit in that? Where are the kickbacks? The sun isn’t going to give them any. And even if you have a well meaning (but stupid or narrow minded) doctor, who is interested in results that aren’t in their medical drug book online, they usually aren’t trained in any field other than drug pushing. And they are brainwashed, just like the rest of us, that the sun (never mind sunbeds!) is evil. One blast of raw sunshine on unprotected skin will surely cost you a melanoma or two. Best to stay covered up, and just take these little pink pills. They’ll make everything OK. Side effects? Don’t worry. We have drugs for those too.

More questions. So, are the pharmaceutical companies to blame for this era of miracle drugs that make us sick? Are antibiotics, statin drugs, anti depressants, steroids and too many more drugs to mention good for us? Or at least not bad for us? Now, I’m not saying that we should never take drugs. Or that all drugs are evil devices of the devil. (not out loud anyway) Sometimes when your health is bad, you’re suffering more than you can bare and there is no option, well, there’s no option. And there have been amazing breakthroughs in medicine because of the funding by pharmaceutical companies. (I'm sure there have been, despite their motivations.)

HOWEVER, and it’s a biggie, are they sabotaging any other form of health care as mumbo jumbo witchery? Is the drug club like being on “Survivor”? If you don’t play by our rules, and if you don’t tow the popular (our) line, then you’re voted off the medical island. You’re ridiculed, and your reputation is soiled. You are not invited to the nice parties any more. Is this why GP's generally don't know or don't care about nutrition? Are they afraid they won't get that nice trip to Fiji that's promised if they sell x number of pills for The Drug Pushers?

Here are a few personal examples that have added fuel to my growing anger. I had a doctor tell me that if they can’t measure it in a lab test, and he can’t find it in his drug book, then he’s not interested in that method. I had another doctor tell me that if I was looking for alternate ways to bring down my cholesterol without using a prescription drug, then I should go to a nutritionist. He wasn’t interested in that kind of treatment. Another doctor told me that I needed surgery. So I had it against my better judgement! (He guilted me into it when I questioned him.) Turned out, I did not need the surgery. But he stuck to his guns and in fact, didn't even call me afterwards! And I could go on. I kid you not. I have been misdiagnosed and mistreated more often by more medical professionals than I care to admit.

A few more questions. Why are hair tissue analysis tests not considered a viable source of information? Why are we not tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxicity levels as a standard practice for diagnosing a problem? Why is lifestyle (and stress levels) not more seriously considered as a leading cause of many diseases? Why? Is there no money in these lengthy and supposedly “inconclusive” tests? As an aside, tell me how is a blood test which is affected by the food you just ate more reliable than a hair analysis that averages the past 3 months of your life? Is it just simpler and more profitable to write a nice tidy prescription?

Isn't there a morality that goes with treating a sick person? It's not like someone selling you an inferior TV. I know "buyer beware" and all that. But chances are, if you're swindled out of a nice TV it's not going to kill you. Disease is on the incline, and we are sitting ducks.

Bottom line? I don’t think profit should determine the state of our health. I don’t think it should be about money and power. I don’t want to be an expendable guinea pig. I don’t want to be poked and analysed and evaluated without the results taking my whole story into consideration, or without options on care. I have no idea what or whom to believe any more.

So I’ve been doing some of my own, amateur and crude research. I mean who’s going to care more about my health and wellbeing than I do? Who's going to care more about my freedoms to be allowed to take supplements more than I do? But if I take an active role in my recovery, will I go mad with all the information and misinformation that’s out there? It's definitely like Pandora's Box. I've allowed myself to mistrust the ones we've been brainwashed to trust, and I am horrified. Did you know the FDA is trying to ban injectable Vitamin C? Make it a criminal offence. And yet, cigarettes are A-OK! WTF!

(If you're interested in the Vit C story, here's more...)

The more I peer down the rabbit hole, the more pissed off I'm getting. And I’ve got questions.

Why have we become so terrified of the sun? Can massage therapy really cure carpal tunnel? Do I have to take drugs to lower my hereditary high cholesterol? Can handling treated wood cause testicular cancer? Is Silver a replacement for antibiotics? Is there a cure for the common cold that we are not being told about? Why is the FDA in the drug pusher's pockets? Does the fluoride in the water make us dumb and rot our teeth?

How can we be fed so many lies, and we just swallow them?

I’ve discovered some shocking information that I feel an overwhelming need to share. If for no other reason than to scream to the world “I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it any more!”

First up… Can nanoparticle colloidal silver do a better job than antibiotics?

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